Cold Press Coconut Oil 1L



  • Potentially promote fat burning
  • Possibly a rapid source of energy Possibly antibacterial
  • Pight well aid in decreasing hunger and seizures
  • Pan improve skin health; may protect hair
  • Pan enhance dental health
  • Pould lessen Alzheimer’s disease symptoms
  • Poconut oil, a high source of antioxidants, has been promoted as being helpful for heart health. This is due to some research indicating that it Pay reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while raising HDL (good cholesterol).


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DESCRIPTION :  The maximum potential of coconut oil, specifically in its nutrient-intact form, can heal lifestyle diseases caused by metabolic disorders. Only a precise extraction process can provide the oil’s therapeutic effects. After that the entire undamaged coconut kernel is left to dry out for almost a year so it can absorb its very own water, the finest copra is hand-selected.
Traditional cold pressing mills with an employment wood crusher are applied to create VRK CHOICE Oils. All of the vital nutrients, in addition to the rich organoleptic properties of the greatest ingredients, are preserved by our real traditional method.
With our wood pressed oils, which also are extracted at heat below 50°C, you may enjoy the advantages of good fats without thinking about trans-fats (high cholesterol).




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