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About Cold Press Oils & VRK Diet

Insulin resistance causes metabolic diseases such diabetes, obesity, thyroid, and PCOD. For years, they are dormant. After about ten years of progressively growing IR, they eventually emerge to the surface.

Stop consuming items that release insulin to reverse these diseases. When we consume, insulin is released most from carbohydrates, least from proteins, and least from fat. So, in order to reverse IR, you must avoid carbohydrates, consume less protein, and include fat in your diet.

Reduced calories won’t help because your body will adjust by lowering your BMR. Thus, restrictive calorie regimens are doomed to failure. You barely lose a few pounds, and if you quit dieting, you’ll gain them back. The secret is to eat enough low-insulin-secreting food in sufficient amounts. The food with the fewest insulin responses and the highest calorie content is fat. Saturated fats have been the subject of concern over the past 50 years, which has caused the prevalence of diabetes and obesity to skyrocket. The widespread decline in health was hastened by fast food and sugar.

According to the most recent study, saturated oils are beneficial to health, and individuals are gradually switching from refined to cold-pressed oils. Ketone metabolism is the basis of the VRK diet. It changes you from carb metabolism to ketone metabolism. With this diet, your IR can be reversed within a few months, which is something that cannot be done with any other diet. The VRK diet is unique among other ketogenic diets. The diet’s four pillars serve as its basis. No other ketogenic diet offers such clear and comprehensive guidelines.

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